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Lighting a prescribed fire

Above: Aja Conrad, the Karuk Tribe’s workforce and internships coordinator, lights a prescribed fire in Orleans, California. Jenny Staats, CC BY-ND

University of Oreogn's Dr. Kari Marie Norgaard, Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies, and Sara Wolf, Master's Degree Candidate in Environmental Studies, discuss their research on climate change in collaboration with the Eco-Cultural Revitalization at the Karuk Tribe. Read more here at Around the O (November 1, 2019). 

Above: Artist Zack Marlo-McCarthy created an animation of the Kilauea volcao to accompany the sonification created by Karlstorm and his team. Click the image to view the full video.

Utilizing funds from his NSF Career Award, UO Earth Sciences faculty Leif Karlstrom continues to develop The Volcano Listening Project, an iniaitive to sonfiy volcanos in collaboration with Columbia University faculty Ben Holtzman, artist Zack Marlow-McCarthy, and music group Small Town Therapy. Click the image above to view the projects latest video and visit The Volcano Listening Project's website to learn more.