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Researchers from Urbanism Next, the UO’s Portland-based center for exploring the impacts of emerging technologies on city development, are focusing their efforts on COVID-19’s effects on transportation, urban design, equity, and more. They examine these findings and the potential ongoing results of the pandemic in their COVID-19 report, which can be found on their website. Read the full story here at Around the O (May 27, 2020). Join them March 17-19 for The Urbanism Next Virtual Forum to discuss how we must approach changing infrastructure and rebuilding communities in a post-pandemic world.

Collecting rooftop data

A group of graduate students in the School of Architecture & Environment has started the project “Design the Unseen: Research Investigating Health + Energy in Building Design” to better understand if and how outdoor air pollutants are entering into indoor spaces. Read more at Around the O (December 11, 2019). 

A water- and flame-resistant cardboard structure from Cardborigami is part of a new exhibit at the UO's Museum of Natural and Cultural History.

A water/flame-resistant cardboard structure is part of an exhibit on resilience at the UO's Musuem of Natural and Cultural History. Read more at Around the O (November 29, 2018).